The water

«You can’t say that the water is necessary for the life, it is the life»

Antuan de Saint-Exupery


It is evident that the health of human organism is developed not by struggle with illness but by prevention of sicknesses, healthy life-style which means that you should use high quality drinking water.
The water is the most important product for human and our organism consists from water for 60-70% (for the embryo of 5 months age – for 94%).


The water delivers nutrients (vitamins, mineral salts and other substances) to the cells of organism and removes the biowaste.


It is necessary to drink at least 1,5 liters of water per day to provide sufficient thermal stability for the organism and not to loose more than 15% water which are in organism otherwise the organism can be dehydrated.


Drink the water of the region where do you live because your organism has got accustomed to use such water!


The human should try to use the same water for drinking and cooking during all your life.


The human gets accustomed to the water, its specified salt composition and calcium quantity.


Pure drinking water of «Lezginka» brand and drinking water of «Clean City», brand which is produced from the hole in Leningrad region (that are supplied by our company) are optimally suitable people of our region usage because of its composition.


  • The water of «Lezginka» brand are ionized by silver. It is first class water and is produced in accordance with world standards of water purifying. This water has all necessary certificates of Russian Federation which confirm of the safety and quality of our products.


  • The water of «Clean City» brand is the first class drinking water and it is produced from the hole with depth 230 meters. It is one of the deepest holes in Northwest region.


The production is located in Agalatovo village of Vsevolozhskiy region of Leningrad area. There is the favorable ecological situation in this region because there aren’t any industrial plants.

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