The water «Clean City»

The water of brand «Clean City» is the first class water which is produced from the hole with depth 230 meters – it is one of the deepest holes in Northwest region.

The production is located in Agalatovo village of Vsevolozhskiy region of Leningrad area, There is the favorable ecological situation because there aren’t any industrial plants.

The quality of our drinking water conforms to the highest requirements of Russian and international standards.

The water is produced on the modern plant with usage of the modern technologies.

Regular supervisions for the water quality during last 10 years show high stability of chemical composition and bacteriological safety of the water. The drinking water «Clean City» has pleasant taste and it is ideal for drinks and food cooking.

When you order natural water «Clean City» for home or office you may be sure for 100% in its perfect quality.

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