The water «Lezginka» with ions of silver

The water of brand «Lezginka» is the first class water. It is produced in accordance with world standards of water purifying and it has all necessary certificates of Russian Federation, which confirm the safety and quality of our products.

The usage of high-technology multistep membrane filters guarantees deleting the chlorine, heavy metals, compounds of manganese, dissolved gases CO2, CH4, O2, organic substances, biological dashes and microbes.

The usage of ultrafiltration cleans the water only from bacteriums and viruses, it keeps dissolved minerals and microelements in the water.

After processing the water «Lezginka» is ionized by ions of silver.

The saturation of the water by ions of silver is the most effective method for elimination of bacteriums and viruses. As opposed to tap water, which contains higher quantity of chemical substances, the water«Lezginka» doesn’t wash away the iodine from the thyroid gland.

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