The order

To place the order for delivery of drinking water and other goods it is necessary:


To choose production from three sections below, to enter into the catalog of production and to place selected goods «in a basket».


Pay attention that each goods have its detailed description. For viewing of the detailed description of the goods in the catalog click with a mouse on the image of the goods or its name.


To issue the order.


In a basket you will see all goods which have chosen in the course of travel on our site. After that it is necessary to click the reference «to issue the order» in the bottom of a basket.


If you have suddenly decided not to buy any goods, you can remove it by clicking on «to pass to order registration» and further — on «to remove the goods from a basket». If you want to increase or reduce their quantity, change it, having specified figures by means of the keyboard.


Confirm by clicking the reference «to confirm the order» and your order it will be successfully forwarded us on e-mail.

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