The museum «Saint-Petersburg World of Water»

The museum «Saint-Petersburg World of Water» is one of the youngest and the most modern museums of the city.


The museum occupies the premises of The Main water pressure station that was built in 1961 according to the projects of architects Ernest Shubersky and Ivan Merz.


By the 300-anniversary of the city, the tower had been restored and a new exhibition complex had been placed there. As the museum occupies the floors of the tower, it was supplied with elevators for the eldery and physically challenged people. The entrance to the museum is decorated with water-carrier figure made of bronze.


The museum describes in general terms the creation of Water treatment plant, it’s development and the attendant elements of everyday life. It gives us a small piece of historical knowledge about water in ancient civilizations as well. Unfortunately it narrates too little about water in Saint-Petersburg – The Neva River itself, that brings streams of Ladoga Lake, about it’s peculiarities and mysteries.


On weekdays you can visit the complex only having booked the excursion in advance. On weekends – Saturday and Sunday they organize excursions for individual visitors or you may visit the museum by yourself. The visit of each exposition will take you about 40 minutes. We advice you to visit the museum complex with excursion, otherwise the visit may seem boring to you.


The museum “World of water of Saint-Petersburg” includes III expositions: the exhibition hall, the multi-media hall and the historic exposition.


Multi-media complex “Subterranean world of Saint-Petersburg” – there is a model of the centre of the city (scale 1:450) in a huge hall. It was made by the Arquitecture University according to the order of Water treatment plant and it costs 3 million rubles. It seems alive when lightened with glimmer and accompanied with the 11-minutes movie, narrating about the meaning of water for the nature, about hydrotechnical constructions of the city and about the great importance of Water treatment plant. The river Neva flows by the floor, the rivers fall flowing into it from the left and from the right, and Saint Petersburg has placed on it’s shores.


When the film narrates about water intake and water solidifying, the net of water and drain tubes are projected to the map. Then you will be invited to join the trip by “Subterranean Petersburg” – you will visit the cellar of a living house; you will know, where used water flows, you will see a drainage collector, and the climax of the exposition – a natural cave with cave stalactite stones where bats and ghosts live.


The historic exposition contains several expositions:
- water in the history of human civilizations;
- water supply and water discharge in Saint-Petersburg in 1703-1858;
- the development of central system of water supply and drainage in 1858-1917;
- the years of Great Patriot War 1941-1945;
- the development of the system of water supply and water discharge in 1945-2003
- «Saint Petersburg Water Treatment Plant » in the XXI century;
- Water treatment plant of Petrograd – Leningrad in 1917-1940.


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