How water devices appeared.

About 5000 years before Common Era the artificial channels for water appeared. They were destined for steady irrigation of ground areas supply.


People have always invented devices and constructions destined to make life easier.


Water is the source of life; therefore the organization of water supply has always been one of the most important living problems. In 1972 a Sweden astronomer and physic Anders Celts proposed a temperature scale, which divisions were determined by the qualities of water itself, where zero meant the temperature of ice melting, and 100 degrees – the temperature of water boiling.


In Russia one of the first full-scale water-pipes was built in Kronshtadt in 1804.


Unfortunately the development of technical progress has it’s disadvantages. The ecological problem has turned into one of the hardest problems of the humanity. The need of clean water has lead to the necessity of cleaning devices creation. But at the same time the daily water consumption turned to be more comfortable.


The devices for heating, cooling and aeration of water have appeared.
The prototype of a modern cooler – a “drinking fountain” was invented in the USA by Healthy Tailor, whose father had died because of typhus, having drunk some dirty water. The multiple issues of such devices started in 1909.


From the 1950-s the system of cooling was added to the drinkable water constructions, and it was called cooler.


The source TOO “Breeze Mangistaw”



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